egg-nestIt’s never too early to start saving. And, its never too late either. Even relatively small savings can grow significantIy over time.

For example, $100 a month in savings at 10% accumulates to almost $76,000 in 20 years. Over 40 years, that same $100 balloons to $632,000.

Do you have $100 in excess spending that you can cut out during a given month? For many people, there are various expenses that they can do without.

What about $500 per month? At 10%, that would accumulate almost $380,000 in 20 years. Over 40 years, it would grow to over $3 million.

If you are serious about planning ahead, you can build a substantial nest egg. The key is to stop waiting and to start saving. Work with your financial professional to invest your savings wisely and rest easy while your investments work for you.

Disclosure: The hypothetical examples provided are for illustrative purposes and are not intended to depict an actual investment or investment results.

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