If you are middle aged and are in the midst of divorce, you absolutely need to secure health coverage immediately. If you are not eligible for medicare and your spouse has coverage through an employer sponsored group health insurance plan, you can probably continue under the spouses plan under cobra. Understand that Cobra coverage is expensive. You will have to reimburse your spouse’s employer for your premiums, plus a 2% administrative fee. Under Cobra you can continue your ex spouses plan for up to 36 months after the divorce or separation date or until you take a job offering at least equivalent coverage your or you become eligible for Medicare.

If Cobra coverage isn’t available, start shopping for an individual policy. There are 177 private insurers. (Under the health care reform bill which went into effect in 2014 uninsured people and those with pre-existing conditions will have additional options and protections.)

Finally, you may agree with your spouse to delay the divorce and opt for a legal separation until the dependent spouse gets insurance through a job or becomes eligible for Medicare.