For most tax payers, dividend and long-term capital gains tax rates will remain unchanged from 2015-2016.  As in the past investors in the 10% and 15% brackets will pay nothing on qualified dividends and long term capital gains, and those in the 25%, 28%,33% and 35% tax brackets will pay 15% on their qualified dividend income and long term capital gains. Those in the 39.6% tax bracket in 2016, that single filers with income greater than $415,050 and joint fliers with income greater than $466,950 will pay a 20% tax rate on qualified dividends and long term capital gains.  Those earning more than $200,000 single filer and more than $250,000 joint filer may also have to pay an additional 3.8%.

For short term gains, the capital gains rate is your ordinary tax rate, which could be 22% to 40% range if you are a high earner. For most of the rate will be 25% or maybe 28%.