A terrific end-of-year tax planning strategy for small business owners is as simple as hiring a new employee! However, let’s hire a trustworthy and reliable person — your spouse.

Hiring a spouse as an official employee can garner tangible tax benefits:

  • Contributions to allowable retirement plans can be deducted by the firm.
  • Income-shifting becomes a possible benefit for C-Corps when tax brackets are amenable. S-Corps and sole practitioners have less benefit due to flow through of earnings and tax brackets.
  • A better business trip. Generally there is no deduction if your spouse goes on a business trip with you. However, if he or she is an employee going on a legitimate business trip, you have deductions.
  • Health insurance cost can be shifted to the company.
  • If your company has employer-paid group life insurance, your spouse gets entitlements.

Certainly, these 5 benefits have details, limitations, and exceptions. At WFS, we work with CPA’s and accounting firms that help our clients navigate the terms.

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