AWAAbout Ann Wolfson

ann-wolfson-office-2Originally from New Bedford, Massachusetts, Ann relocated to the Syracuse, NY area after graduating from college in Boston. She raised her three children in Central New York and founded Ann Wolfson Associates in 1987.

With over 27 years of steady experience in the financial and insurance industry, Ann has successfully advised many individuals, families, organizations, and businesses. Her longevity as a financial and insurance professional is due to her unwavering dedication to her clients. As a business owner, mother and a new grandmother, Ann knows the importance of financial stability and measured growth. Ann is the recipient of numerous industry awards for outstanding achievement and sound financial advice.

Ann believes in planning for both the short term and the long term. Ann guides her clients to meet their goals with a wide variety of tools, investments, and customized strategies.

A Message from Ann

The recent volatility in the financial markets has made many people anxious, and for good reason. If you’ve been handling your own investments and you feel that your emotions and impulses are limiting your success, you should work with a professional financial advisor. Choose a professional with a long history of satisfied clients. Choose a professional that you feel comfortable calling at the drop of a hat. Choose a professional that is willing to meet with you, even if all you need is some reassurance.

Ann Wolfson

These challenging times are especially stressful for those in the critical years before or after retirement.  If you have been working with a financial professional that has not met your needs, consider working with a new professional. I spend a great deal of time building relationships with my clients so that I can map out the best strategies for their specific needs. Security and measured growth have always guided my decisions for clients, regardless of fluctuating market conditions.

Thank you for visiting our website and know that I am ready, willing and able to assist you in any way that I can.

Ann Wolfson
November 2011